This is my NASCAR Simulator.   

It is currently running ARCA Sim Racing 2008.

Here's the latest picture. Just upgraded the computer and painted and decaled it like a pit cart.

And here is the car that I currently the game!

Here's pictures of how the Sim developed into the beast that it has become -

Had to find a seat and as it turns out, the passenger seat from a 2004 Ford Ranger makes an excellent sim seat.

Laid the base out with the seat and the computer based on the available space I have in my office.

Turned my spotless garage into a disaster area for a week.

Got the sides cut out and clamped on.

View from the front.

Got the hood supports, floor boards and computer access/vent holes roughed in.

Dasboard installed, and dry fitted the monitor and steering wheel. Cut the roll bar padding to fit.

Got the pedals mounted.

The hood is installed and the front grill.

First coat of primer on the inside and cut the carpet to fit. Primer gray turned out to be a great interior color.

Primed the outside.

Painted the head restraints.

First coat of red.

Installed the carpet and the pedals.

Mounted the seat and it was time for a test drive.

Zip-tied the rollbar padding and it was time to move it into the office.

Hood detail. Got to hide those speakers!

Put the graphics on while it was in the office.

Used vinyl graphics to simulate exhaust pipes.

June 2007 - put hood pins on the hood...looks cool and gives me a handle when I open the hood.

June 2007 - Mounted the cooling fan under the dashboard... draws more air over the computer and points it at me when I need it.

October 2007 - Added the contingency decals. Thanks CMC Goodyear, Sunoco, Wix, Jasper Engines and Motorsports Designs!

February 2008 - Added more contingency decals and the number 13.