Daniel and Jackie's   

Wedding Week Photo Album

Daniel and his friends played paintball all day Saturday (the weekend prior to the wedding).

Daniel and Lee discussing the finer art of paintball strategy.

If the next war if fought with paintball guns, this is the "A" Team!

Jackie and Daniel rockin' out during the "Guitar Hero II Marathon". Thanks Dave for the great party.

Jackie and Daniel at the White Sands National Monument.

Picking up the rings.

Daniel, Jackie, Jean and Lee in the snow of the Sacramento Mountains.

Daniel and Lee "Mountain Pimps."

Getting the marriage license.

Jackie and Jean making the table decorations for the reception.

Road-testing the tuxedos.

Now you know when a bachelor party ends up at the Alamogordo VFW Post 7686 that this is one rockin' town. Seriously we had a blast and they treated us very well.

"Karaoke" roughly translated into english must mean "Three very intoxicated guys singing Billy Idol's White Wedding."

Friday morning, 2 days before the wedding...let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Lee and Jean hosted the rehearsal dinner at the The Lodge in Cloudcroft, NM. Thanks to all who braved the marginal road conditions.

Jean, Daniel, Jackie and Lee at The Lodge in Cloudcroft, NM enjoying the fireplace.

Dinner was great!.

Mr and Mrs Daniel Turner

More wedding pictures will be posted when we get them from the photographer.

The 1st dance.

The 1st toast.

Cutting the cake.

How sweet. 3.2 milliseconds later there was cake smeared everywhere.

Everybody ate some fantastic food and danced it all off.

Time to leave, in a shower of birdseed!

Great job on the car, the dishwashing soap on the door handles and the shaving cream in the gas door was a particularly nice touch.

Daniel and Jackie celebrated their honeymoon at The Inn of The Mountain Gods in Mescalero, NM.